Handed down through civilisations, Hopi Ear Candling can aid in the treatment of ear related problems such as excess wax and sinus problems.

What is Hopi Ear Candling?

Hopi ear candling is believed to have been used by the ancient Greeks. However, it is thought that it was the Native Hopi Indians from North-eastern Arizona who introduced Hopi ear candling to the West. The Hopis traditionally used Hopi ear candles as part of their healing rituals, with their use being depicted in ancient wall paintings. Hopi ear candles are made of cloth shaped into a cone and covered with beeswax. 

How does Hopi Ear Candling work?

The Hopi ear candle is gentle placed into the entrance of the outer ear canal and then lit. The candles themselves do not suck wax out of the ear or cure anything by themselves. The debris seen inside a used candle is not ear wax but rather waste from the candle itself. However, Hopi ear candling helps the body to push out excess ear wax and aids the body's natural healing process. The treatment leaves a thin layer of wax in the outer ear canal, which not only softens the ear wax but also stimulates the body to produce more oils which naturally pushes out excess ear wax. This natural process is not instant but takes several days.

Why do people have Hopi Ear Candling treatments?

Many people first try Hopi ear candling as an alternative to syringing for excess wax or due to other ear related problems. However, Hopi ear candling is a very soothing and relaxing experience and is a great tool to relieve tension.

How does Hopi Ear Candling feel?

After the Hopi candle is inserted into the ear and lit you will hear a soft relaxing crackling or hissing sound, not unlike the sound of a fireplace. This sound will continue for as long as the candle is lit. Some people may also feel warmth in the ear from the candle, however the candle is never left to burn below 4 inches from the ear. After the treatment you may feel very relaxed and feel a lightness in your head. Some people also note an improvement in hearing. Occasionally a slight itching in the ear can occur, which is easily relieved by rubbing some oil one the affected area.

What can I expect during my Hopi Ear Candling treatment?

For your Hopi ear candling treatment you will be lying on your side. After the candle is gently inserted into the outer ear canal, it is lit and left to burn for approx 12 min until about 4 inches of candle is remaining. The candle is then removed and extinguished. A protective disc is placed under the candle to prevent any ashes falling onto the skin. The sound and feel of the treatment is extremely soothing and relaxing and many people dose off during the treatment. The treatment is then repeated on the other ear.

Afterwards a relaxing ear massage is given using a choice of warmed oils, which also helps to relieve any itching from the Hopi ear candling treatment.

In the days following the treatment you may find that earwax is naturally expelled from the ear. It's important not to use cotton swaps to clean the ears afterwards, as this would only push any earwax back into the ear.


30 min - £35