Treating the upper back, arms, neck and head, Indian Head Massage releases muscles tension and knots. By removing any blockages in the neck and head this treatment will treat headaches, increase circulation, improve insomnia and restlessness.

What is Indian Head Massage?

Indian head massage has been practised in India for thousands of years, with references to the method in Ayurvedic texts. Indian women used it to help keep their hair in good condition, often using various herbs and oils for added benefits. Invented by women, the therapy later spread to barber shops in India, who would use Indian head massage as part of their service. Indian head massage is now widely available both in India and in the UK.

How does Indian Head Massage work?

Indian Head massage uses vigorous massage strokes to release tension and increase blood flow to the scalp and upper body. The hair follicles receive more nutrients and oxygen thus improving the overall condition of the hair. Most people accumulate stress in the neck, upper back, upper arms and face, which is why headaches, neck and upper back problems are so common in our society. Indian head massage targets all of these areas to release tension and blockages, while also incorporating the use of pressure points.

Why do people have Indian Head Massage treatments?

Indian head massage is a special treat after a stressful day. Of all the different types of massages, Indian head massage is especially beneficial for people living a hectic western lifestyle. With consecutive treatments one should be able to see a significant and lasting improvement in unwanted shoulder and head tension.

How does Indian Head Massage feel?

An Indian head massage will feel energetic at times as well as soothing and relaxing. The initial strokes are vigorous, without being painful, and may feel foreign if you have only experienced Swedish massage before. However, the increase in blood flow will feel extremely energising afterwards. The Indian face massage feels soothing, not unlike a facial, but also incorporates pressure points into the massage routine. Indian head massage is an extremely enjoyable experience.

What can I expect during my Indian Head Massage treatment?

You will be lying down for the treatment as this aids in deep relaxation, with a choice of using warm pure coconut oil or grape-seed oil for the treatment. First your upper back, neck and upper arms will be massaged, before moving on to the scalp (for the scalp massage, using oil is recommended but not a necessity). You will be asked to turn to lie on your back and the Indian Head Massage will then continue with focus on the scalp and face. After the massage you will be offered a hot towel wrap to finish of the treatment.


45 min - £45

30 min - £30