Not all stress is equal. Recently, scientists have discovered that manageable stress can actually trigger new brain cell growth which improves memory. Healthy stress has also proven to increases alertness and performance (1).

However, stress seizes to be a healthy response to life events when it doesn't resolve itself fairly quickly. Prolonged periods of stress, which is often due to a lack of control in a situation, restricts blood flow and suppresses the immune system. The long term effects of chronic stress have been found to be cardiovascular disease, reduced fertility, miscarriage and post traumatic stress disorder (1). However, one can only contemplate how many other diseases have their root in chronic stress, which so many people in modern society experience.

Sound therapy can help prevent stress from becoming prolonged and chronic by helping the individual to relax and let go, as well as bringing the body back to a healthy vibrational state. High frequency sound replenishes the brain and makes us better at dealing with and recovering from stressful situations (2). High vibrations touches every part of the body and every cell in the body, bringing it back into harmony and balance.

Sound therapy will also calm the mind reducing negative thoughts and mind chatter. Individuals using sound therapy have reported that they are better at multitasking and keeping a clear and calm state of mind while in stressful situations (2).

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